About Us

The Linen Cotton Co a.k.a. TLCco was born with three purposes in mind.

It is a solution for linen and cotton lovers who are frustrated at not finding any natural fabric clothing in the mainstream shopping centres. These consumers understand the benefits of wearing or purchasing natural fabric clothing or natural fibre homewares to their health and to mother nature. It is also born for those environmentally conscious people who would love to do the right thing but are not in the position to pay too much for clothing. Our products are all manufactured with quality and affordability in mind.

The second purpose is to present and educate consumers about natural fibre clothing, to live and let live, to buy with a conscience, to love slow fashion and just try to be beautiful and comfortable while leaving as minimal a footprint as possible. 

And finally and most importantly, is to work with local and small fund raisers to raise funds to help their needs. These fund raising events will also be our opportunity to promote and educate consumers of the benefits of buying natural fabric products. We encourage local and small fundraisers to contact and work with us.

Below are charities and events we are involved with and participate in:


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